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Van Tetterode Glass Studio is on YouTube   Van Tetterode Glass Studio is on PinterestVan Tetterode Glass Studio is on Facebook
Frequently Asked Questions

Can Van Tetterode restore glass?
Yes, we can restore very well (UV-bonding), provided you still have all the pieces. Costs are € 55, - per hour plus € 10 for the UV lamp and the glue.

Can I rent part of the glass blowery?
No, we only let the glassworks as a whole, per day or half day.

Can different types of glass be melted together?
That is not possible. But different types of glass can be glued together very well.

Can blown glass be hardened?
No, that is not possible.

Can Van Tetterode imitate an industrially blown lamp?
That is difficult. Often these bulbs are blown into a mold, that we obviously do not have. Making a mold of a single piece would be a costly affair.

Can a broken lamp be repaired?
We generally cannot melt a broken lamp together again. But glueing is possible.

What size of a job can I ask Van Tetterode to do?
Van Tetterode Glass Studio can accept assignments of almost any size.

General Conditions

Payment conditions
Rent and other costs have to be paid by return at receipt of the invoice. The amount must have been received by us before the first day of renting.
Should the actual cooling time be different from the reserved cooling time, then the appropriate cost will be settled afterwards with tenant.

Cancellation must be done in writing. Free of charge cancellation is possible up to four weeks before the rental day. After that and unless tenant can find a replacement himself, the whole amount is due.

Confirming options
Customers who take an option on a rental day should confirm this to Van Tetterode Glass Studio at least one week before the rental day. If an option is not confirmed in time, the rental day in question may be given to another customer.

Cleaning fee
Tenant will leave the hotshop tidy and clean, including emptying the water buckets, putting away casting sand, cleaning up blow molding tools and molds, siding colors and sweeping the floor.
Failing this, we will charge € 25.

Cold glass processing
You can have your work finished as desired by our experienced coldworker, by having him polish, saw, drill, sand etc. at € 55, - per hour ex VAT.

Technical assistance
We offer tenants technical assistance for a fee of € 55, - per hour

Glass blower / caster and assistance
We work with a few glass blowers. Depending on the project, we choose the blower that best suits your project. A glassblower always works with at least one assistant; for larger pieces or projects, with 2 to 4 assistants.

Lease of the hot glass studio
Use up to 100 kg of glass is included in the rental price of the workshop. Additional consumption is € 4, - per kilo
In general, cooling ovens will be emptied at 8:30 am and 5 pm.
Colored glass: Color used is calculated at the end of the day, and put on the invoice. On average, color glass rods cost € 14, - per kilo.

Casting and casting sand
Mr. Vincent van Ginneke is our casting specialist. Rental price includes the use of the casting sand that is present in the workshop. At the request and expense of the tenant special molding sand can be ordered. Orders for sand should be entered at least three weeks before the rental day.

If the tenant causes damage to the equipment and tools of if same are lost, the tenant is liable and will reimburse the damages to the landlord.

Equipment defects
Tenant is entitled to reimbursement of the rental amount if the cooling ovens or garage malfunction or if landlord cannot make the reserved equipment available. However, landlord is not liable for the tenant's costs of materials and labor, and cannot be held responsible for the consequences caused by electrical failure due to faults at the energy supplier.

Glass quality
In the case of "bad glass" on the rental day, it is the tenant's responsibility to report this to the landlord before 10 am. If the tenant decides to continue working, or if the tenant does not report 'bad glass' by 10 am, tenant cannot claim any rent reduction.

Other provisions
Although there have never been any problems to this day, work with glass continues to be risky. Lessor assumes no liability to the tenant for any damage or injury.
The landlord has the right to refuse a tenant without giving reason.


Van Tetterode Glass Studio is a SVGB recognized training company. SVGB is the Dutch small business industrial training authority. Interested parties can register with us via the contact form for election into our nine-month internship. We then contact you for an interview as soon as possible.